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What You Need to Know about Assisted Living Facility

When we reach the sunset years, it is still possible to maintain our independence, health, sense of pride, and social life. One of the most popular and most convenient solutions is to move into an assisted living facility.

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It’s not recommended for a senior to live alone. It’s not only lonely; it is also a safety concern. You might fall off the chair and won’t be able to get back up. You can have a stroke in the middle of the night. An assisted living facility louisville can provide the support you need and a 24-hour emergency call response not to mention transportation services.


An assisted living facility is a great in-between option between staying home and being to a home for the aged. This place is not a nursing home but there are amenities and safety features that can be difficult to have at home. In this facility, the seniors are encouraged to do chores on their own such as cleaning, dressing up, scheduling for doctor’s appointment, etc.


The facility can also help seniors in focusing on their health and in maintaining their body and spirit. Seniors will have available health resources. These will allow them to maintain a strong and robust body and mind. Some facilities employ a nurse who will make sure of a healthy living program, provide and assist in the use of fitness equipment, and offer regular exercise classes.


Being in an assisted living facility, you will be able to experience again the social events and the activities during your youth. It will give you back that sense of community.

There are certain questions that you need to ask when you are searching for an assisted living facility.

First is you have to know if the staff members are well-trained. It is important for them to have friendly and trained staff who have a genuine desire to take care of seniors.

Second is you need to look into the staff-to-resident ratio. It can be overwhelming to take care of the needs of several seniors. Hence it is important to know the number of staff members employed by the assisted living facility.

It is important as well to ensure that there is a written care plan for the senior. This will make sure that the care needs are properly identified and if they are met you have proof to show that it is part of the care plan.