The process of surrogacy is legal

The surrogacy is nothing but an agreement which is agreed by a couple and a woman. The women agree to carry a pregnancy for another couple. They will become the parents of the newborn baby which is given birth by the surrogate mother. There are many agencies which are dealing with the surrogate process. The surrogacy is really a boon to the couples who want a child and they are not able to get a baby medically. In the surrogacy process, the agreement is signed by both the surrogate mother and the couples who are going to be the parents of the child or baby. Most of the time the money is involved in the agreement as a monetary compensation. If the monetary compensation is involved in the agreement then it is said to be commercial surrogacy.

In some countries, the law does not permit the surrogacy. This is because they are against the consequences which are faced by the surrogate mother. Because as far as the pregnancy is considered it involves pregnancy risks and the unacceptable danger to the surrogate mother’s health. There are different types of surrogacy such as traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. In the traditional surrogacy, the procedure is normal artificial insemination of the surrogate. But in the gestational surrogacy method, the embryo is implanted in a surrogate. This method is also called a gestational carrier. While choosing the surrogacy agency the person must be very careful because the agency must have experience in this field. And they should have completed at least a certain number of projects successfully. But for this surrogate process, only certain countries have approved it as the legal process. But there are many countries who are against this process. Even though the laws differ widely all over the world but the process carried out in the surrogacy remains the same. The study has recently done shows that the parents are really showing their parenthood than the parents who are adopting the children. This may be due to certain medical reasons such as this child is anyhow their child biologically. This is actually a very good process which is useful to many people.