My Neighbor Totoro is an animation that leaves fond memories in all those who have watched it. This is one of the reasons why there are so many items that are up for sale designed to mimic the character Totoro.  You will not only get items for your personal use, you will get fabulous items that will transform your home to a scene in the animation.

My Totoro sweatshirt Unisex

This item not only has a neutral color that is favored by members of either sex, it is also stylish to suit with anything you are wearing. It will keep you warm while at the same time remind you of your favorite animation and character, Totoro.

My neighbor Totoro T-shirts

You will be able to get T-shirts for men, women and kids. The T-shirts are made of cotton and feel great to wear. The beauty of these T-shirts is enhanced by the delicate print of Totoro from different scenes in the animation. You can actually get different T-shirts with unique Totoro prints.

My Neighbor Totoro Thicken jackets

 These are warm jackets that can be worn by anyone. They come in different styles and designs but one thing that is common is that they all represent the character Totoro.

Totoro Cosplay costume

If you are looking for a unique yet fabulously style costume, you need to try this one out. It is not only attractive, it is also warm and will make you stand out beautifully.

Mini Totoro toy figures

You kids should not be left out. These toy figures are fun to have and although you get 10 pcs per lot, each piece is unique and will make great companions for your kids to play with.

My Neighbor Totoro figures

These come in different styles and have been creatively designed to attract people of different interests. The different figures make great gift choices. The designs are unique and anyone who receives such a gift from you will definitely cherish it. You even get to pick a gift based on the person’s interest. For example, the My totoro flower pot figure would make an awesome gift for someone who has a special love for flowers.