Green Tips to Make Your Home Eco friendly

The environment is now more than ever been polluted with toxic contaminants that if not quickly checked will wreak havoc on its very existence. And while you might not be in a position to make comprehensive changes to safeguard and conserve the environment, and preserve it for posterity’s sake. There are ways you can use to make at least your home an eco-friendly haven.

This can ensure that the various indispensable equipment you use are more efficient, while also assist you in saving a significant of money on your homes energy or water usage.

Save water

 It is wise to repair all faulty taps and leaking faucets in your home to cut down on your water consumption. You can also switch to aerosol spray faucets, which greatly improve the pressure of your home’s water outlets, while decreasing the actual water flow you would ordinarily need. Switching to low-flow showerheads or even a dual-flush water closet system can also enhance your home’s water efficiency.

Use energy efficient home appliances

To make your home more eco-friendly you can utilize energy efficient appliances and equipment, which can help you economize on the money you spent to meet electricity bills, and reducing your energy requirements. Researchers have found out that approximately most of the home’s energy consumption is spent on their cooling and heating appliances. It is, thus, vital to switch to energy-efficient air conditioners during the summer season, and use oil radiators to keep your home warm during winter.

Lighting systems

For areas in your home that receive a lot of traffic such as lobbies or even staircases, you should install LED lights that can be controlled by infrared or motion sensors, which are renowned for their great energy saving attributes. You can optionally also utilize compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) which have been proven to consume approximately 66% lesser energy than ordinary incandescent light bulbs. CFLs bulbs can also last 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs. Such a move can significantly save you a lot of money that you might have used to cater for your home’s lighting needs. On the other hand, you can embrace solar energy and lighting options that offer an unmatched “eco-friendliness” and efficiency.

Proper disposal of your home’s waste products

To turn your home fully “green” you should integrate appropriate waste management and recycling processes. You should divide your waste products into either organic or inorganic. The former will require composting while you can dispatch the latter to your local recycling plant.

Use safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents

Some of the common household cleaning agents happen to contain toxic formulations that can adversely affect the environment. And it can be prudent to stick to simple and safe cleaning products such as ordinary soap, baking soda, washing soda or even vinegar that can achieve the same effect as the toxic products. It is, thus, crucial to clean your home’s floors, bathroom, and kitchen with eco-friendly cleaning agents, which will go a long way in reversing the detrimental effects of your chosen lifestyle. You can also contact interlink express phone number for better ways of managing your paper waste.