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Choosing the Best Dental Filling Option Available

While many people try and maintain the best oral hygiene as well as reduce incidence of the sugar consumption, there might be a need to have the dental filling for restoring the broken and broken teeth.

Preventing Tooth Decay

In order, to prevent the tooth decay, it’s recommended you must floss once in a day, brush two times in a day, and limit your intake of sugar for at least three times in a day. Sugar is there in a lot of different foods, like processed foods, fruits, sweets and soft drinks. People who are high risk for developing the tooth decay must consider use of the fluoride mouthwashes and high fluoride flosses to decrease risk of the tooth decay development.

Filling Materials Available

Today, there are different dental filling materials available. They will include gold cast, amalgams, tooth-colored fillings & porcelain materials just to mention some of them:

Silver Filling or Amalgam

The dental amalgam is the liquid mercury mixture & metal alloy that is used for filling the cavities that is caused by the tooth decay. Amalgam generally consists of silver, mercury, copper, tin, or other trace metals. Lots of patients undergoing the tooth filling have got amalgam as the part of the dentition notwithstanding the many health threats and concerns posed by presence of the Mercury in composition of an amalgam.

dental fillings orange

Tooth Colored Fillings

The tooth colored fillings, or white fillings and composite fillings, can be used for filling the anterior & posterior teeth. These filling generally come in a form of the paste that dental fillings orange places on your damaged part of tooth, adjusts its bite & polishes. It’s generally used for fixation of the front teeth that is damaged by the decay and chipped, worn or cracked. Filling is actually tied to the tooth with strong dental resin; however it will break, lose and detach, which depends on the factors like size of your filling or habits such as nail biting.

Risks Associated With Teeth Filling

The tooth sensitivity might arise after the deep filling is done and normalcy is restored in some days and weeks after its filling. On the rare occasions, if pain and sensitivity persist because of the deep filling, root canal treatment will be essential. With time, fillings might loosen, freeze, chip and break. Occasionally, in case filling is important, it’s suggested to replace this dental crown in place of filling this to reduce any risk of fractures.