If you are a fan of my neighbor Totoro¸the famous 1988 Japanese animated film by Havao Miyazaki, you will love the beautiful creation that is the totoro bed. This bed is designed as a sleeping bag is only that it is warmer and beautiful to have in your home. It does not matter what age you are, if you are an adult who really enjoyed this animation, there is a totoro bed that will fit you right.

Properties that make this bed a must have item

This bed is not just a great accessory for your room as well as your children’s room, it is actually practical. You will be able to actually use this bed comfortably. If your children have sleep overs, this bed is ideal since it will be exciting to the anime back to life in a fantastic way. These children will go back to their homes demanding their own totoro beds. These beds are cuddly and even adults would enjoy cuddling on these beds.

This bed is quite practical and truly makes you feel like you are hugging a cuddly character in the animation. This bed is offers a comfortable surface for you to sleep on and the giant totoro beds can actually accommodate two people. It is a great of families to relax and feel like they are part of the animation. The tummy of the totoro bed acts as the sleeping back while the tail can be detached to act as a pillow.

If you are worried about how to keep this totoro bed clean, you need not worry since the cover can be removed and laundered. It will therefore be easy to keep the bed clean without having to use too much energy to get it done. You and your children will enjoy being part of the spirits that protected the forest as you curl on this bed.

Investing in this bed is a worthwhile venture that will bring a smile on your children’s face. These beds come in many colors that will easily blend with the colors in your home.