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All About Proxy Servers: The Advantages and Disadvantages

A proxy server act as a middleman between the main computer and the server computer. A user usually asks for the help of a proxy server for requesting any web files such as videos, mp3, web pages, web content, web pictures, and so on. The proxy server will identify all the request and will act as a filter and shield to the server and to the computer.

Moreover, people who like to protect their web and personal identity and security from getting ruined and hacked by any malicious attackers, fraudsters, and the scammer will always like to use proxy servers. There are thousands of paid proxy service providers are now available on the market and even online. Usually, a paid proxy server has a wide range of features and advantages to choose from, but if you are just a casual web user, then it is recommended for you to try a free proxy server. But it’s up to you whether you’ll go for the paid or free one.

Proxy Server: How does it Work?

As was mentioned above, the proxy server will take the user web request and will perform it on their behalf. For example, you want to visit and access a certain website, the proxy will receive the request and will do the following below:

  • Analyze – It will determine its locally save data information to see if that particular web page is in the server. If the proxy finds it, your request will return to you without forwarding it back to the web server.
  • Use its own IP address – if the proxy doesn’t find your request from the server, the proxy will request that page to the web. But the good thing about this is the proxy server won’t use your original IP, instead, the proxy will act as the client and will use its own IP address.

The process won’t affect your web searching experience, at your end, it will still look the same as if you’re just directly accessing a web page like the usual.

free proxy

Proxy Server Advantages

  1. It helps the user to protect confidential information from getting attacked by malicious hackers.
  2. It is used to bypass blocked websites, such as school and organization restrictions, as well as websites that have the country’s restrictions.
  3. It used to improve the security and privacy level of a user’s device while surfing the internet by the use of different proxies.
  4. It is also used for speeding up the web browsing experience because of the good cache system.

Proxy Server Disadvantages

  1. The cache system of proxy servers are good, but there are instances that your passwords or any secured data can be looked by the proxy service provider.
  2. Despite the use of encrypted connections and networks, your information might be possibly exposed by using the functionalities of TLS and SSL encrypted networks.